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An Elevated Fitness Experience

Have you ever noticed that the most in-demand piece of cardio equipment at the gym is the Stairmaster? We did and therefore decided to create a powerful mix of what we know brings the best results: Fat burning cardio (STAIRS) & muscle-building exercise (STRENGTH). Hello, FLIGHT!  


This is anything but a boring workout! We have over 10 unique movements perfectly curated to make your time on the stairs FLY by! 


Flight Crew tip: The less you rely on the handrails, the more you will be forced to engage your core & elevate that heart rate. If you need to take it down a notch, lower the level & lightly hold the rails for support. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, keep your hands by your sides & increase your steps per minute.


Meet the Dynamic Duo: Ashley Rollins & Demi Augustine

What’s up Flight Squad?! Our names are Ashley & Demi and we are best friends who love all things fitness! We met nearly 10 years ago as teammates for an NBA dance team & were captains together. After leading & working together, we knew that we had the potential to become the perfect storm (no pun intended). In addition to FLIGHT, we also have two sister fitness companies together (Klass & Rise), which we have built from the ground up.


When brainstorming about what to open next, we knew we wanted to create a groundbreaking experience that the Midwest has not seen yet. The answer to that question quickly became the combination of two of our favorite types of exercise: Stairs & Strength. From that moment on, we just knew it was going to TAKE OFF!


We hope that you enjoy the FLIGHT - we made it just for you!

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