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Welcome to an Elevated Fitness Experience.

Revolutionizing group fitness - less impact, MORE results, with the most badass combo. 


+ LIFT during our strength portion to sculpt your entire body

+ CLIMB using our Stairmasters for the most effective cardio

+ Feel the energy in the room that will make you want to TAKEOFF


In order to see results, you gotta hit the weights! Each day will focus on different muscle groups to create the most effective workout program possible. 


The BEST form of cardio! Not only are you getting your heart rate pumping, but you are also sculpting your lower body at the same time. Low impact, yet high intensity…your joints (& ass) will thank you!


Low lights, lit music, bomb instructors… we only go UP! Our vibe will make you forget how hard you are pushing & allow you to just enjoy the FLIGHT!

Find Us On Mobile!

Head to the App Store and search Flight Elevated Fitness to download and start booking your Flights now!

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